Sandy's Donuts Has A Story

A little bit about this whole donut thing

People often ask us what makes our donuts taste so much better than others they have had. It’s because we love making donuts as much as you love eating them. We are passionate about bringing you the same quality donuts we have always made and you have come to love, but we are also excited and maybe even a little bit giddy about bringing you new, exciting and flavorful crafted donuts that you have never even imagined. Because of this passion we are willing to buy better ingredients and take the time to make the donuts fresh every night – never frozen.

We do not sell day olds or save any donuts from the day before. After that they are boxed up and sent to shelters the next morning.

So there it is – the big Sandy’s Secret. We call it Donut Love.  So we continue to show the love by offering these Sandy's Clothing options and other things.

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